MoonHarvest INVESTMENT SYSTEMS LTD is an independent investment company, established in 2020 that unites experienced professionals from several British and foreign venture capital funds.
The first step to taking control of your investments.

We understand the emotions that are roiling inside our investors. It's difficult to root out emotions when we make decisions about money, regardless of whether we're buying a new car ("Does it look racy enough?" "Will I be safe?") or life insurance ("Why should I waste my money when I'm not going to die?"). But investing brings out special fears because we know we have so little control over what happens to our money in the short term. It feels sort of like throwing it over a waterfall. We will make your heart pound with joy once you join MoonHarvest.

MoonHarvest will calm your emotions.

As for the option of managing your portfolio yourself, many people never try to develop their own investment ability because they the professionals like MoonHarvest have an insurmountable advantage. Our advantage is the ability to act on information quickly. That is the key to success. Because we work with a team of people who know best, who are the winners and losers are in any industry, are those who have firsthand experience in the industry. We have firsthand experience in every market we invest in. Our investors can sleep safely while we do the work.